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I needed a break from the heavy-themed books that I recently acquired so I loaded some of Rainbow Rowell’s novels to my Kindle app. The first that I read was Attachments and I found it absolutely adorable! Now I know why the author is so popular.

This is not your usual love story. The two main characters, Lincoln and Beth only met at the last 10 pages (or so) of the book and the story ended as soon as their love affair began, but that doesn’t make everything about this story any less cute.

The narrative took place is 1999, which explains the nature of Lincoln’s job. Lincoln is an “internet security officer” which to him is unbelievable that with this job, the primary thing to do is to snoop around employees’ e-mails and web history to make sure that they are not slacking off from their work. Two employees, Jennifer and Beth, always get their e-mails flagged. They know that someone is monitoring their activities but they don’t seem to take it seriously. They go on sending each other personal e-mails, even discussing their married life or lack thereof. Lincoln came across their messages and was supposed to send them warning for their offenses but he did not because he was so entertained with their stories and their personalities.

And then Lincoln fell for the smart and funny Beth whose face was a question mark.

For a chic-lit novel that features a man as the lead character, I think Rainbow Rowell pulled it off, and I gotta say that this has to be the smartest chic-lit book I’ve read so far. The characters are all so clever and funny that a reader like me gets entertained even with the story’s slow pace. Even Doris, Justin, and the Dungeons and Dragons crew have got me interested.

The ending is mushy romantic, plus the kissing scenes seemed real and I think I died of kilig.

I’m giving Attachments one million stars out of five, so do yourself a favor and check this book out.

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  1. June 27, 2018

    […] Her ability to make her readers adapt to ages, times and even emotions is exceptional. If I gave Attachments one million stars over five, I think I’m giving Eleanor and Park half-a-million. Why, I’ve […]

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