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I know no one cares, okay? Who the f*ck visits this blog anyway? Regardless, the OC person that I am cannot move on to posting anew without justifying the huge gap between my blog feed, so here it goes.

1. I’m still an aspiring vegan like my sidebar profile says.

In the early months of last year, I discovered veganism and decided to become vegan. I can’t recall exactly how; I don’t even have an exact date to call my “veganniversary” as my transition was gradual. I’m certain, however, that I was able to wean off all meat, fish, and dairy products from my diet sometime between May and June.

Following the switch in lifestyle came a huge positive impact in my physical and mental health. That nutrition quote on Pinterest that says “what’s going in your gut affects not only your health but also your mood, skin, relationships, how you see yourself and how you feel overall” or something like that holds true to me now. Why, I never got sick since I made the switch — as in no cough, cold, diarrhea, constipation, whatsoever. I needed zero medication and actually never popped any pill until April of this year when I got my first jar of vegan B12 supplements. My energy levels have wondrously stepped up a notch as well. I’m always in the mood to stay active that I have been able to incorporate a regular workout routine in my daily schedule. I think I’m the healthiest and happiest I’ve ever been.

Now that may seem lame to some people but compared to my health situation in the past years, it’s pretty f*cking significant to me. See, I had dangerously high levels of cholesterol and was diagnosed hypertensive (with sinus tachycardia) three years ago, at the age of 25, in spite of having normal BMI. On top of that, I used to get panic attacks almost every day and even got hospitalized for such reason. I used to take a number of medicinal pills in one day. My body was a chemical shit-storm. Consequently, my metabolism got fucked up to the point where my bowel moves just once a week… if I force it.

Just after maybe a couple of months since I made changes to my diet, my lipid profile surprisingly became normal and it remained normal up to this date. My doctor eventually gave me permission to stop taking medications for cholesterol, hypertension, and tachycardia. I think I was also able to overcome anxiety because I haven’t been experiencing panic attacks for so long now. I gradually weaned off my anxiety meds as well.

The effect of vegan diet on my health is overwhelming. I hope I will never have to give it up one day like the few influencers I used to support. I want to make it clear though that I’m not only doing it for my health. While it’s true that health used to be my main motivation, as time went by, I found out how veganism affects the planet and all living beings. Veganism anyway is not just a dietary choice; it’s an ethical stance against animal cruelty and environmental destruction.

Why Go Vegan?

Popular Vegan Documentaries:

2. I’ve not been reading fiction.

All the books I’ve read these past months that I’ve been MIA were all non-fiction – either educational or self-help. Having been focused on growth and overall health so much, I’ve devoured The China Study, Rich Dad Poor Dad, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office, Yoga Anatomy, Namaslay, etc. I listened to audiobooks like You Are a Badass and The Power of Habit. I’ve been listening to The Chickpeeps and the podcasts. Yes, imagine that load of information.

I wouldn’t say my book preferences have completely changed though because right now I’m currently re-reading Illuminae and Gemina prior to reading Obsidio (which I just got a copy of), but I love learning new things and I’m still focused on personal growth that my current wish-list has more non-fiction books than fiction.

3. I learned how to cook and bake.

With the lessons I learned from reading The China Study, watching Forks Over Knives and What the Health, and listening to the podcast, among others, I became mindful of what I put into my body. I now feel the need to know what makes up my food before consuming it, which I know is extra OC of me. This is why I’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen, preparing my own food, and surprising myself in the process.

Vegan Muffins

4. I’ve been practicing yoga.

Yoga has always been interesting to me but I only ever got so into it late in December last year when I found myself subscribing to YouTube channels that teach it, reading Yoga books/infographics, and even looking for private yoga classes near my location. The nearest school, unfortunately, was in Baguio City, which by the way is a 7-hour drive away from where I reside, so when I was sent there for a work-related training, I also took the opportunity to attend classes.

The following blockquote was my IG caption. I’m lazy like that.

From almost six months of regularly practicing yoga, I have come to love myself more and accept the way I am.

I realized how strong and capable my body can be, and I have also come to accept that there are things it cannot perform.

I can now look in the mirror and genuinely recognize that I am indeed beautiful not only physically. I also acknowledge the scrapes on my flesh and imperfections of my past and accept them nonetheless.

I admit I still have a lot of frustrations but it’s okay because I learned how easy it is to surrender to the universe, breathe, and let go.

“Where did you get that sudden confidence boost,” a few friends ask. Yoga. I love that shit.

It could be a type of workout, but it’s more of a work in. ✨

5. I also make occasional vlogs now.

Occasional, yes, because it’s f*cking hard to maintain a YouTube channel when you have an 8-5. There’s no way I can squeeze in shooting videos during weekdays. Be that as it may, I feel no pressure at all because from the start, I’ve established that the vlogs I make are for me, not for anyone else, and I do it solely for the purpose of releasing my creative juices. If people are interested to watch them, great; if not, it’s okay. I’m not making it a career anyway.

Nevertheless, here’s the link to my channel. I share mostly about my food adventures.

6. I got a job promotion and a car.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: the idea of having a car is great especially when we think about how easy and convenient our everyday lives can be with it. ACTUALLY having a car sucks though. I mean, what with all the expenses for gas, car wash, oil change, registration, not to mention the energy it takes from driving and traffic. It’s more of a liability than an asset for me, as it constantly takes money out of the pocket and energy out of the body. Okay, here’s an unsolicited advice: if you’re not yet financially stable and if you live near your workplace or can get to where you regularly go with decent commute, do not get a car yet.

Oh about that job promotion, I manifested four salary grades higher. It’s actually not that much considering that I work in a local government unit but it helps me with the gas expenses for sure.

7. I don’t think I’m going back to school soon.

I’ve been quite low-key about this but I’ve been going to school again to get a masters degree in Public Administration. Well, I was able to finish all academic units and I even already got an endorsement to finally enroll thesis A.K.A. the last hurrah, however, at the moment, it doesn’t feel right for me to proceed . “But it’s the final course to get that M.A., girl” my conscience whispers sometimes, but I also remind myself that I’m not in a hurry and it’s okay to take a break. I am not mentally ready and I don’t want to force myself into doing things that won’t make me happy or will just stress me out. As you now know, health and peace of mind are kind of my top priorities. I’m taking time to love myself first.


If in 2018 I focused on physical and mental health development; this year I’m trying to grow spiritually and I’m trying to love and understand myself better.

I’m grateful to the Universe and the Earth for making almost all odds so far work in my favor. Sometimes I wonder if it’s all good karma – maybe the Universe has been showering me with blessings after blessings because I’ve been kind to it, to myself, and my fellow earthlings.

I do not at all regret the huge gap in my blog feed.

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