Unboxing and Review | Pouts and Fluffs Lootbox

Pouts and Fluffs Lootbox is a book subscription service based in Manila, Philippines. I believe it’s the first in the country since Quibbler Box was discontinued. The first Pouts and Pluffs boxes were shipped earlier this month.

What’s Inside The Box
The theme for May 2017 is “A Sparkle of Hope.” Like all other bookish subscription boxes, the Pouts and Fluffs Lootbox comes with an unboxing guide and a personalized subscriber card. Besides the main item which is the new-released young adult novel Geekerella by Ashley Poston, ten (10) other bookish items are included:

  1. An ACOWAR-inspired bookish scented candle by The Book Flame
  2. A galaxy-inspired bathbomb by Balneum PH
  3. A magnetic bookmark by Camlin PH
  4. A Rose in a Dome Glass replica
  5. An ACOWAR-themed poster
  6. A bookish button pin
  7. A quote button pin
  8. A Beauty and the Beast-themed temporary tattoo
  9. A Geekerella-themed Bookmark
  10. A star-themed vial keychain

I think the box is a little too big it gave the items enough space to shamble inside while the package was in-transit. This might have caused the tear on the bath bomb wrapper (as seen in the picture). Bath bomb mixture particles were sprinkled all over but fortunately left no damage on the other items anyway because each item was wrapped in plastic. What I love about the box is its minimal design, and the round emblem sticker on top made it look classy.

To be honest, I expected to see a hardback instead of a paperback for the main item. Nonetheless, I am happy that it’s Geekerella as I’ve been meaning to get myself a copy of the book for quite some time now. It has received such rave reviews in Goodreads and the bookstagram community is hyped about it.

My favorite item in the box is the ACOWAR-inspired scented candle which is so glittery, fragrant and just stunning to look at. I also love the Feysand poster designed by the co-owner of the service himself. The bookmarks and button pins are just as adorable. All the other items found their place in my booksstand, making it more visually pleasing.

The May 2017 Pouts and Pluffs Lootbox costs Php1,679.00 pesos but for being one of the first subscribers, I was given 20% discount. I think the cost is fair enough as there are ten items in the box besides the YA book. Payments for the box can be made via BPI Bank Deposit and Palawan Express. Shipping is through LBC or Xend.

Will I retain my subscription to get the June Box? Definitely! I firmly believe that Pouts and Fluffs Lootbox will upgrade over time. I hope that more bookish suppliers will collaborate with the service and I wish to see Funko Pops inside their boxes soon!

Learn more about Pouts and Fluffs Lootbox through this website.

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