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Although my first Book Depository purchase happened just last month, I had my first experience with the webstore two years ago on February 2014 when I won The Fifth Beatle Giveaway. It was a competition wherein participants had to answer a set of questions completely to qualify for a raffle draw. I received the prize, a hardbound copy of The Fifth Beatle Hardback Collector’s Edition, three weeks after I was notified through e-mail about my luck. They sent the book via DHL and it was enclosed in a box together with some freebies.

Technically, my first purchase happened just last February 24, 2016. I picked Paypal as payment mode because I thought it was the most convenient for me. My order was dispatched the next day, February 25. According to reviews of other Filipino bloggers, orders from the Book Depository arrive after three weeks from the day of dispatch so I did not anticipate to see my new books until after March 18. To my surprise, the postman came to our door on the 14th at around noon. Yay!

Each book was packed separately in a parcel with built-in bubble-wrap inside. Both are trade paperback copies and are in good condition, although the top-right corner of Quick and Dirty Tips is a little creased. The books also came with bookmarks.

MY VERDICT: Book Depository is really one of the best online bookstores. I have encountered no issues in the transaction and the books arrived earlier than expected. Books that are not available locally can be found in their webstore where discounts are being offered thereby making the books less pricey. I will definitely make my next book purchases at Book Depository again soon.

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  1. Ann says:

    Hi! Did you pay a P50 fee to the mailman?

  2. Ann says:

    Hi! Did you pay a P50 “fee” to the mailman? Some did experience being asked for an unknown fee of P50 from the mailman. Books are tax free, right?

    I’m thinking of getting books from BD for the first time, soon.

  3. I ordered a book from Book Depository as a birthday gift two years ago and until now, I haven’t received it yet. I’ve contacted BD twice about this and no response from them. What should I do?

    I’m from Zamboanga City.

    • Margarita says:

      Aww. It’s pretty unusual for Book Depository not to act on inquiries and requests, as they respond to my e-mails almost immediately. One time, when a book I ordered did not arrive in like 30 days, I reported it to them and they instantly sent a replacement book which arrived 2 weeks later. I send my inquiries and reports to and Perhaps you could try reaching out to them again. Make sure to specify your order details.

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