Free Printable Bookmarks: Hogwarts Houses

Every time I take a Hogwarts House test online, I always get sorted into Ravenclaw. It’s not actually surprising for me even from the start because my muggle world personality and idiosyncrasies are obviously very Ravenclaw. However, I also believe that I’m a little bit of all the houses because sometimes I also identify with the other traits. This led me to creating and sharing a set of four bookmarks, each featuring a Hogwarts House, which you may download for free and use according to wherever we feel like belonging to at times.

Each bookmark is 7″x 2″ and I had them all laid out on an A4 size paper. I recommend printing them on a white cardstock that is 200 GSM or more to ensure that they are sturdy enough for regular use. Should you need help with your printer or paper set-up, just drop a comment down below. Here’s an actual photo of the printed bookmarks along with the download link.


I think I should create stuff like these a little more often to hone my amateur Photoshop skills. What do you think of the bookmarks? And which Hogwarts House do you belong in?

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  1. Nicole says:

    These are so pretty ? thankyou so much for sharing ?

  2. These look really good! Thank you for sharing them!

  3. Mirror kyaw says:

    They didn’t turn out blurry when u print it right?

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