Unboxing and Review | Mermaid Crate – October 2017

Mermaid Crate, which I introduced to you in a blog post not long ago, is the only book subscription service I’ve regularly been availing. It’s based in the Philippines and it gives subscribers a newly released YA book in hardback format and a bunch of bookish goodies. Check out my introductory post for more information.

Now it’s time for another unboxing! The theme for October was Forget-Me-Not, as in the little five-petaled blue flower with yellow center.  In Mermaid Crate’s Book of the Month, which is Wild Beauty by Anna-Marie McLemore, Forget-Me-Not’s Mexican term “Nomeolvides” pertains to a family of women who grows flowers from their hands. I’m somehow familiar with Forget-Me-Not flowers and I’ve seen photos of Wild Beauty before so I sort of had a hunch on what the Book of the Month will be. Nevertheless, I was still thrilled to receive my box because I knew that the mother mermaids filled it with delightful surprises. Once again, they did not fail me. The box was full to the rim and it was overflowing with awesomeness.

Here’s a list what’s inside it along with my side comments for each item:

  1. A hardback copy of Wild Beauty by Anna-Marie McLemore – The synopsis of this book sounds really intriguing to me and I’ve heard that the beautiful cover is equally as compelling as the story so I immediately put it on top of my queue. This is honestly the prettiest book I own so far. What an eye candy.
  2. A Mermaid Bubble and a letter from the author herself – It’s a brilliant idea for Mermaid Crate to have included an author interview (which they decided to call Mermaid Bubble) in the box. It’s a nice medium for readers to get to know stuff about a certain author and find out what inspired them to write a particular novel. A little background about authors’ inspirations would provide us clearer perceptions on things they wish to convey.
  3. A hand-painted watercolour bookmark by Ms. Alarise Reyes (@_madebyalarise) – Among all the bookmarks I got from Ms. Alarise, I guess this one’s my favorite. It goes so well with Wild Beauty and it’s also lovely by itself.
  4. Mermaid Necklace by Stones and Pendants (@stonesandpendants) – Like I said in my previous unboxing post, Stones and Pendants is a regular supplier for Mermaid Crate. They sell dazzling jewelries at very affordable prices. The mermaid necklace for October was green, claimed to make subscribers look as “magical as the Nomeolvides women.”
  5. Pakikisalamuha komik by Mervin Malonzo (@mervinmalonzoart) and Haliya Publishing (@haliyapublishing) – This is actually my first Mervin Malonzo komik, and I’m so glad to have discovered such a great local artist. Pakikisalamuha features dark and graphic but nonetheless fascinating illustrations, complemented by a gloomy, metaphorical coming-of-age story. Along with the komik is a Pakikisalamuha sticker pack, Tabi Po art card, and an exclusive discount code from mervstore.com.
  6. Frida Kahlo art print – I’ve heard about Frida Kahlo before but I’ve never really checked her out until I received this beautiful art print. I’ve learned that she was a Mexican surrealist who typically painted self-portraits using vibrant colors.
  7. The Book of Life neck pillow – I’ve been meaning to purchase a new neck pillow because I travel a lot for work so you can just imagine how pleased I was when I saw this item in the box. Moreover, I really love The Book of Life, and I don’t get why the movie is so underrated. Anyhow, it’s a perfect match to Wild Beauty because it’s heavily based on Mexican culture.
  8. Five magnetic bookmarks – Each bookmark looks like a miniature Percy Jackson book and the print quality is superb. I’m certain these bookmarks are going to last long.
  9. A jar of jelly beans – My box arrived just in time for Halloween so it was a delightful treat to share. The kids and kids-at-heart loved it.
  10. Polka-dot socks – I badly needed new socks for #SockSunday and this pair of maroon ones would be perfect. It looks very Gryffindor, don’t you think so? You’ll probably see it featured in my bookstagram anytime soon.

I can’t stress enough how SULIT this book subscription service is. There were more than ten goodies that came along with the beautiful hardback copy of Wild Beauty and I got all of them for only Php1,650.00 exclusive of shipping fee. It was DEFINITELY, AMAZINGLY WORTH IT.

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