Unboxing and Review | Mermaid Crate – September 2017

At long last, another unboxing, and this time it’s my third Mermaid Crate!

For those who are not familiar about the service, Mermaid Crate is a monthly book subscription box that gives subscribers a newly released Young Adult book in hardback format and a bunch of bookish goodies. Their first boxes rolled out in July 2017 and I’ve been a loyal fan since. The goodies included in the box are specifically chosen to follow a theme, and for this month, the theme is DAUNTLESS.

The very thing I love about the actual box is that it’s really sturdy, and it looks as if it was custom-made especially for book-related stuff because it looks like a book when turned sideways. The Mermaid Crate logo is delicately stamped on top, particularly giving a gorgeous, rustic vibe.

The following are the contents of the September 2017 Mermaid Crate:

  • A Watercolor Bookmark by Alarise Reyes (@_madebyalarise) – Mermaid Crate has been regularly including a watercolor bookmark made by Alarise Reyes in each box. Printed on the bookmark is the month’s theme along with a lexical definition of the word. I love how the artist expresses every theme through painting. Her passion  radiates on how she puts together details in her works, as manifested in her Instagram gallery.
  • A War Cross coaster by Glassicology (@glassicology) – This is probably one of my favorites among all the items sent by Mermaid Crate over the past months. I’m certainly gonna use it all the time.
  • Legend and Stranger Things art prints by Dani Topacio (@daniphantomdraws) – I’ve been meaning to read Marie Lu’s Legend Trilogy, and this cool art print indeed triggered an impulse. In the same degree, this Stranger Things art print intensified my hype for Stranger Things 2 which will be released in October! Yay!
  • A Wing Leader Roll-on Perfume by The Rustic Library (@therusticlibrary) – This item is inspired by Throne of Glass, I guess, because I’ve only ever read the first book in the series. I know, I have so much readings to catch up on.
  • A Rubik’s Cube – Never in my life have I attempted to solve a Rubik’s Cube. I don’t even think I can do it without cheating by googling for a step-by-step guide. Now that I have one, though, I MIGHT try doing it.
  • Ready Player One and Warcross keychains –  One of the reasons why I was so eager to open the box is because I knew there’s gonna be a Ready Player One – inspired item in it. I’m really ecstatic about the movie adaptation of RPO. It’s actually my most anticipated movie for 2018.
  • Nerve magnetic bookmarks – Nerve is a young adult techno-thriller published in 2012. I’ve read rave reviews about it but I haven’t actually got around reading it. Nonetheless, I still think these items are amazing. I love using magnetic bookmarks because they don’t fall out.
  • A drawstring bag – Printed on it is “CERTIFIED BOOK DRUNKARD,” a phrase that best describes me. How perfect.
  • WAR CROSS by Marie Lu – I was excited to receive this month’s box primarily because I had a hunch about what the YA book of the month is gonna be. What I did not expect though is receiving a SIGNED COPY so I was like “WHOA!” This is honestly by first signed copy ever, so thank you so much, Mermaid Crate!

Everything in the box arrived in great condition. It is evident that the mermaids (Jas and Elle) put a lot of love, effort, and thought into organizing their boxes. Overall, this month’s Mermaid Crate is IMPRESSIVE. Will I avail of this service again in the future? ABSOLUTELY.

You can order next month’s box HERE for Php1,650.00 (exclusive of shipping). With a newly released hardbound  book and 10 bookish goodies, it’s definitely worth the price. I personally even feel like I get more than what I’m paying for every time. Jas and Elle are also very accommodating, considerate, and friendly, so that’s an extra.

You can view the contents of their previous boxes in their Instagram account (@mermaidcrate) and in my bookstagram (@paperbackgirlph).  I’ve also published a review of their October 2017 box here.

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