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As one would expect from the title, Geekerella is a modern-day Cinderella retelling spiced up with loads of nerdiness. Elle struggles to deal with her evil stepmother and stepsisters, and so as a respite, she runs a blog about a sci-fi film franchise called Starfield in her spare time. She used to share her love for Starfield with her father when he was still alive, something that her stepmother never really appreciated.

Starfield is getting a reboot, and it turns out that the male lead, who goes by the name of Darien Freeman, is a teen hearthrob whom Elle isn’t really impressed with. Elle believes that this Seaside Cove actor knows nothing about Starfield and that he’s only in it for the fame and the money. Little did our Geekerella know that Darien is as obsessed with Starfield as much as she is.

A miscommunication happens through text, making Elle and Darien become textmates while being completely unaware of whom they are actually conversing with.

Throw in a cosplay ball, a food truck pumpkin, an amazing sidekick friend, endless geeky references and POOF! — you have yourself this amazing story wrapped up with relatable discussions and wonderful reminders to embrace who you are and know your worth.

Reading this book was like watching A Cinderella Story all over again, only better and more hip because of all the geekeries. I connected with the characters on a very deep level, especially that what they are into is a fandom for a sci-fi franchise that is very much like Star Wars. I saw myself in Elle every time she felt like an outcast and being a part of a fandom made her feel less alone. I also saw myself in Darien, for I know how it feels like being accused of knowing nothing about something you’re actually really a fan of. In this book, Ashley Poston faultlessly described how people who belong to fandoms really behave. Passion shines through the main characters and it’s really contagious that Starfield and the Excelsicon almost became real to me.

The story is told through alternate POVs of Darien and Elle, which I think is brilliant, for it added an extra dimension. It remained true to its original fairy-tale spin despite all the nerd stuff.

Overall, Geekerella is my cup of tea.

My Rating: ★★★★☆

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